Victoria Gorlova

Victoria is Born in Odintosovo 19 years ago, and since childhood Track & Field is part of her life. Grew up in an Athletes family since young age she has achieved important results.

She's a multiple medalist and champion of the summer and winter Russian Championships U18 and U20. She took the 4th place at the Russian Winter in 2018 with a result of 6m22cm, but her personal best is 6m30 that she made in 2018. Actually she's qualified to participate in the final of the U18 European Championship.

Victoria actually moved in the United States, to study and compete for the University of Kansas as member of the Track & Field Jayhawks team. For sure the most beautiful Jayhawk ever by far. Victoria is already a "international level" athlete and one of the most interesting prospects for the future of athletics and long jump.

Courage, talent, passion, determination and grace, her weapons which, we are sure, will not take long than a couple of weeks to conquer the whole Missouri, and in a short time the whole country.

Victoria is a 100% athlete, a cultured and smart girl, and undeniably also a young and incredibly beautiful creature. This means that she can easily be at ease in front of thousands people crowd on an athletics track, as in a literary circle making a conversation about Russian literature, as well as on the catwalk of a Fashion Week or on a photo set as Model.

This only means one thing, that if you are not blind, crazy or blind and crazy, you should think about how to link your name to Victoria, currently limited by university sports laws in the United States, but ready to collaborate, according the laws, with the most important Brands who want to believe in her, and who will be happy to have done so when she will takes off for the worldwide fame that awaits her.