About Us

The Revolution Has Begun

January 1, 2018

In many years of work we realized that something was not working properly in the world of Models Agencies, at least from our point of view. So much exploitation, so much presumption, so many promises, so many lies. Revolution wants, in its small way, to start a change, where the relationship between the Agency and the Models are balanced, equal and with mutual satisfaction. Revolution will not have a luxurious office with glass desks, stylist leather chairs and martian orchids in every corner, we will move here and there, like our girls, between common areas, bookshops and co-working spaces, we will not equip ourselves with all the most expensive status symbols, we will not organize parties where  the 99% of peoples that comes are scroungers, looking for girls to conquer and free drinks. We will not do all this because all this has a cost, which is obviously “loaded” on the work of the models, and because we think that our knowledge of the market and customers, is the most important “stuff”.

Our work is to promote our Models, their image and their professionalism, rather than a representative office in the trendiest area of ​​the city. Everyone is free to choose their path, the one that we have chosen is this: less quantity, more quality, in work and in relationships. Revolution will work with national and international clients, with a careful evaluation of the profiles to offer to customers, in order to optimize the time for everyone, customers and models, not forced to run from one casting to another just to “make a number”. Our customer’s and Models satisfaction, safety and serenity of our girls are our priorities and our goals. The Revolution’s Models are all highly professional, serious and skilled for every kind of work, choosing them the customer not only chooses “a beautiful girl”, but chooses a philosophy, which combines work and human relationship with equal importance and dignity, so as to get in every situation the best of the results. So, now it’s up to you, now it’s time.                                                Join the Revolution